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Camiguin Island is a great place for Scuba Diving. Not only that there are plenty of dive sites very near to the tourist beaches, every dive site offers a complete different environment under water.

White Island Black Forrest (1)  Access: Boat Dive
Really nice place with big bushes of black coral, tubastria and hard coral patches as well as lots of sponges. Giant Frogfish, Scorpion- and Stonefish. Turtles, Seakrites and big school of fish.

White Island Sanctuary (2) Access: Boat Dive
On a gentle, sandy slope, you’ll feel like swimming in a beautifully arranged Japanese garden. Turtles, schools of Fusiliers, Sweetlips, Snappers. Sometimes Eaglerays.

White Island Kilambing North (3) and South (4) Access: Boat Dive
Starting at five meters, you’ll swim over the drop off and a beautiful hardcoral reef goes downin few terraces to approximately 25 meters. Lot’s of macro stuff, Nudibranches, Moray Eels, Lionfish, Scorpionfish and Stonefish are often here to see.

Seahorse Point (5) and Gipsy Rover (6) Access: Boat Dive
Sites for the muck lover! If you like putting your nose in the sand, hunting for the rarest critter,you’re in the right place. Mimic- and Wonderpus, Ghost Pipefish, all types of Slugs and Nudibranches, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Garden Eels, lots of different Shrimp and of course Seahorses.

Tangub Bay (7) and Tangub Hot Springs (8) Access: Boat Dive
Walldives with beautiful Hard- and Softcorals, visit the hot springs in a depth of approximately 15 meters. Schools of Snappers, Fusiliers and Batfish. You should look in the blue from time to time since Tuna, Barracuda and other predators are checking for prey.

Old Volvano (9) Access: Boat Dive
For sure the most versatile “scenic” dive on the island. Starting on rocky bottom, you will swim in between the pillars and canyons, formed by the lava of Old Volcanos last eruption. Tubastria and Gorgony Fans (Bring you magnifying glass and hunt for the Pygme Seahorse!). In the end, you’ll enter one of the most amazing soft coral gardens you can imagine. 

Volcan Port (10) Access: Shore Dive
A sandy slope where you can find a lot of macro stuff, plus a nice coral reef with lots of fishes. Excellent site to take your first steps into diving (Discover Scuba Diving or the first lessons of a Scuba- or Open Water Course).​

Sunken Cemetery (11) Access: Boat Dive
Probably the most famous site in Camiguin. During the last eruption of Old Volcano in 1871, the graveyard was covered with lava and pushed below sea level. A giant white cross stands there as a memorial. Further out, the whole area is covered with healthy hard and soft coral. Schools of different fish, Nudibranches and Whitetip Reefsharks can be seen as well as some Green- or Ridgeback turtles.

Catarman Fishport (12, “Blue Lagoon”)  Access: Shore Dive
Right next to the fishery port of Catarman, a shore dive as well as a great snorkelling spot.Healthy hard coral garden with lots of colourful fish. 

Blackbeachdivers Divesite Map

Catarman Coral Dive House Reef (13) Access: Boat Dive
Sometimes a bit challenging because of the current, but definitely worth a try. A steep slope with a big pinnacle. Small and big Groupers can be seen here every so often.

Mantigue Island Turtle sanctuary (14) Access: Boat or Shore Dive
Well, the name says it all! Turtles, turtles turtles! Very nice wall dive with lots of other creatures too. Schools of Batfish and Groupers. Scorpion Leaf Fish and other freaky stuff as well.

Mantigue Island Black Forrest (15) Access: Boat Dive
Black Coral, as well as Patches of hard and soft coral on a sandy slope. Giant Frogfish, Mantis and other shrimps, Murray Eels. Very scenic dive.

Burias (16) Access: Boat Dive
A sandy plateau in about 23 meters depth. A bit for the advanced diver because of usually strong currents. The best place to see big stuff here in Camiguin. Mantas and Whale Sharks during the season, we also had encounters with Thresher Sharks here.

Algens House Reef (17), Iring Point (18) and House on the Rocks (19) Access: Shore Dive
Very gentle slopes, starting right at the shore. Big patches of hard coral with all kinds of critters here. Watch out for Stingrays in the sandy areas!

Jigdup Shoal (20) Access: Boat Dive
The top of Jigdup Shoal Slope starts at about 5 meters depth and is covered with beautiful and healthy hard corals of all kinds. As it is common in these spots, you have there lots of colourfull small fishes. Furthermore you have Moray Eels and all sorts of shrimps.

Jigdup Wall (21) Access: Boat Dive
The north-western side of Jigdub is a really nice wall with Gorgony Fans and other hard coral.A nice swim through for the adventurous ones. And if you’re into drift diving… this might become your favourite spot. Depending on the daily conditions, you can drift relaxed along the scenery.

Balbagon (22) Access: Shore Dive
Surprising to find such a beautiful dive site close to the ferry port. Garden of hard coral on a shallow sandy slope it is packed with lots of small colorful fishes, Crabs and Nudibranches.

Coral Garden(23) Access: Boat Dive
A shallow sandy area, has garden of different colored Leather Corals, while further down variety of hard and soft corals. Sponges and Feather Stars make a beautiful scenery with all the fish you find here.

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