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Pricelist Diving

All recreational dives are including guide, tank (80 cft) and weights. Sanctuary fees are not included.

Fun Dives Single Tank (80cft) Price (PHP)
Housereef (muck dive) 1.000.-
Boat dive or shore dive including transfer 1.250.-
Dives in Fishport/Jigdub/Burias 1.700.-
Mantigue Island (Day trip, includes two dives, transportation, all fees, lunch and softdrinks) Minimum of two divers needed 3.500.-
Nightdive (Housereef) 1.300.-
Nightdive (Kilambing, White Island) 1.600.-
Additional breaths…(tank 100 cft) 150.-
Sanctuary fees per dive 150.-
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